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Introduction to PIV Engineering Guides

PIV Engineering Guides are to help engineers configure and administer agency applications for using PIV for authentication. These guides are intended to be technical and include procedures to configure a system. These guides are specific to the US Federal Government and PIV credentials.

Examples of engineering guide topics:

  • How do I enable PIV or CAC for SSH to a Unix-like system?
  • How do I use PIV or CAC with a mainframe?
  • How do I enable Firefox to allow the use of PIV?
  • Code samples for accessing information on a PIV credential
  • Common scripts or tools that are government developed and open source for the public domain

You can contribute to this effort or open an Issue to discuss a need you may have for a guide.

Application integrations using federation protocols!

We will be migrating the application integration patterns from the Federal ICAM Roadmap and working group documentation - including the use of Security Assertion Markup Language and Open ID Connect - to a set of guides soon!